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A message of thanks to the community living in Canada, from father Ismael from San Vicente del Caguan

"I want to let you know that the boxes arrived yesterday to Garzon, and my brother immediately sent someone by the surenvios and told them we were going the next day, just in time for Christmas, with the presidents of the community boards we agreed to individuate the poorest families with children to give something to them ... makes me sad to think about the remote places, but it is difficult to gather the children when they are on vacation ..

Distances are long and the roads difficult ..but we'll see .. You can then start saying that "the smile that Father Joseph wanted to give to these children, they will get" thanks to your generosity and support of all the people of great heart .. my personal blessing to them and and one one behalf of all of all of these children who will have the joy of getting something that costs so much and coming from so far away .. Blessings and only God can pay you back... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND A NEW YEAR FULL OF HAPPINESS, PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING.."

Father Ismael



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