Jose Maria Naranjo's History

Today our heart is sad and sorrow over the loss of a great human being, a beloved priest, a spiritual counselor, and a friend. We only have the consolation of knowing that Father José María now rests in the peace of the Lord.

For this simple biography of Father José María we have been fortunate to have his brother and also Ardorino Priest, Father Ismael Naranjo who graciously gave us his time in this difficult time, to share with us some of the life and actions of our beloved priest José María. Likewise, the testimony of several people is summarized in this special edition of Semillitas.

Biography and Fun Facts:

Father José Maria Naranjo Silva, was born in Garzon, Huila (Colombia) on May 19, 1969 . His family consisted of his parents Marcelino and Mariana and 11 children of which nine which are still alive, four men and five women. The Naranjo -Silva's home was blessed to have four priests which is a very particular event and a real blessing. When "Chepito" as his family called loving Father Jose Maria, was 3, he lost his mother. Mariana died very young, at the age of 44 years of skin cancer and since then the father lived with different family members scattered across several areas of Colombia.
What many of us do not know is that the Father José María , first entered the seminary for a year and decided to retire , a while later, he came back again to continue his studies to become a priest . At the second attempt, he finished his studies, including philosophy in Garzon, Huila, and theology at the University of Toronto, Canada. He entered religious life, and from there became engaged to his priesthood in a complete and very dedicated way until the day of his death.

His older brother had asked him to consider studying a career that he would help him make a lot of money and that he was willing to pay for, and everyone in the family thought he would be a mechanical engineer for his love of tearing apart all electronic devices he ever received.
Something special is that on the day of his funeral four Eucharistic ceremonies in different places in the world were made to dismiss our good Father Jose Maria.

These were:

  1. In the Church of St. Margaret Mary in Woodbridge, Canada, which was the official church, and it was attended by nearly two dozen priests and hundreds of parishioners who wanted to give him a last farewell.
  2. Garzon , Huila , Colombia , his native land , held by a dozen priests and many parishioners in the Parish of St. Joseph of Nazareth .
  3. San Vicente, Colombia .
    Held by the Bishop in the parish of the Holy Spirit Naranjo of Pastor Ismael, his brother.
  4. In Italy, in the church of San Nicola Pontiff, where Father Ismael worked for several years.

In addition to his many occupations as pastor of St. Margaret Mary Church in Woodbridge, Father José María participated actively and with great dedication in many projects, among which were as follows:

He served as staunch promoter the Semillitas Bulletin, Catholic Bulletin of Good Reads, distributed in the Spanish Mass in the Church offered the Holy Martyrs of Japan in Bradford and supported by the group The Sower

He supported rural children in Colombia. A number of children´s whose studies he paid for in Colombia.
Special dates in the life of Father José María: The Father Ismael Naranjo tells us that the life of Father Jose Maria was full of special little details, for example: Father Jose Maria in December 22, 2000 was ordained Missionary Father Ardorino . A very special year for the religious.
Father Jose Maria took his perpetual vows of poverty, obedience and chastity. On July 31, 2011, the day of his death it was Sunday, the day when Christ conquers death. On August 4, 2011, it was his funeral.

Some testimonies about Father Jose Maria

Tom Sagar tells us how Father Jose Maria Naranjo was linked to The Sower and the Cursillo Movement. Several years ago, The Sower sought a priest to offer a weekly Mass in Spanish at the Holy Martyrs of Japan, Bradford.

Norberto Deacon Cambre was the spiritual director of the Cursillo movement since the beginning.
After Norberto deacon gave the opportunity to Father Jose Maria to be his successor as chaplain of the Cursillo movement. Several members of the Hispanic community in Newmarket , Bradford became Cursillistas .
The fathers' hobbies and likes:
He loved his priesthood
He loved to travel, loved to experience new places. His trips included Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, United States, and many places of his native Colombia-
He loved bicycling or electronics
He liked music and dancing "in a healthy way," according to the words of his brother, Father Ismael.
He liked the movies. His brother Ishmael tells us that when they were living together in Canada, they would almost always go to the movies on Tuesdays, "because it was cheaper." He liked movies Harry like Harry Potter and Star Trek.
He liked literature. He liked to read a lot about St. Paul.
He was studying Piano
He played golf with the Knights of Columbus in Woodbridge.


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